Using direct mail to drive physician-to-physician referrals

Who are you going to listen to when you need a referral to a doctor? In most cases a doctor, whether it is your primary physician in your healthcare plan  or a physician in another specialty.

So it makes sense to devote some attention to marketing to other physicians. PracticePlus has developed a kind of fill-in the blanks direct mail template system to make this easier. Why direct mail? Research shows that doctors pay more attention to direct mail than email.

For example for an orthopedic surgery practice used the temples (called WordOut) to create an introductory brochure and announcements about a new office.

“They did an overview of kyphoplasty, which is a minimally invasive repair to damaged vertebrae profil,” says Hughes Bakewell, PracticePlus president. 108 direct new referring physicians were directly attributable to the mailing,” says Bakewell.

-From a case study in Target Marketing magazine.

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