Here are a few examples of the work I've done:

Life Line Health Screening

Life Line Screening offers uses advanced ultrasound technology to provide a variety of health screenings around the country. Along with my design partner we created two successful direct mail packages sent to prospects for Life Line, based on research conducted with Life Line customers.


Record Breaking Dental Campaign

The campaign I created for Johnson&Johnson Dental Floss broke previous records for sales of the product. The campaign was repurposed into posters, direct mail, etc., and ran for about 7 years, an extremely long time for a consumer healthcare product. This particular ad was the one that received the most attention. See ad

Record Breaking Dental Campaign part II

While not quite as shocking as the false teeth image, this one commanded attention and made people realize what was going on in their gums. See ad

Record Breaking Dental Campaign
part III

You might call this one of the ultimate engagement devices. "Fail this test and you could lose your teeth." This stark, simple warning sent sales through the roof. See ad

Rheumatoid Arthritis Direct mail I

This direct mail was sent to patients receiving RA medication. The main message is that since RA medication has progressed, they may not be using the latest innovation in RA medication. The piece pointed out that biologics is the most recent breakthrough and the most powerful basis for RA medication. See mailer

Rheumatoid Arthritis Direct mail II

Creating a sense of urgency is crucial to getting patients to act now. Here the message is that patients may not know how much their disease is progressing, because the worst symptoms don't show up until it is too late. See mailer

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Direct mail III

Here is the letter that went along with the previous brochure. The letter emphasized the fact that patients may not be aware of how much their RA is progressing and pointed out the consequences of waiting too long to try the latest medication. See letter

Rheumatoid Arthritis - Direct mail IV

Irreversible joint damage can occur within 2 years of the onset of RA. And the fact that symptoms often aren't obvious until it's too late makes acting now all the more imperative. This warning underscores the importance of not delaying the use of a proven biologic medicine like Enbrel. See mailer

Psoriatic Arthritis DM

A major part of growing and keeping the customer base is developing relationships with them. That's why the newsletters I wrote for Enbrel were so important. This series of newsletters to psoriatic arthritis sufferers included success stories, tips, facts and more. I also rewrote the print newsletter to to fit into html emails.

Healthcare Boost

Like many other health professionals, Simone Mitjans turned to the web to market her nutrition and healing services.

By creating a PR strategy, writing a press release and rewriting some key web pages, I was able to double the effectiveness of her website. See press release

Hope for Restless Leg Syndrome

Not too long ago Restless Leg Sydrome was mysterious and misunderstood. Before the recent TV push for its product, Requip wanted to educate the audience about RLS. I helped write a comprehensive, unbranded, educational website before the launch to inform people about RLS, including case studies, tips and more.

Getting to Sleep Online

This is one of my own websites. It continues to be highly profitable (profits exceed expenses by 8x), making money through affiliate products, adsense, and my own insomnia information package(ebooks+audio books). I draw in traffic by posting and marketing unique, provocative articles and ideas you won't see on other insomnia sites. Examples:a list of "dull" reading material that can help you sleep. Website

Diabetes information online

Here is another one of my websites - this one focuses on information and treatments for diabetes. And like the insomnia site it is monetized with affiliate products, adsense, and my own diabetes information package. Website

Cholesterol crackdown

I developed a highly profitable Cholesterol Crackdown program - including an ebook and cholesterol-related information sold on the Internet

Making the Benefits Clear on a New Ultrasound Imaging System

When a Silicon Valley medical technology company developed new ultrasound surgical tools they called on me to get their story across. Through brochures, press releases, mailers, I communicated the benefits of their system, and helped increase sales by 44% over the previous year. Brochure