A Proven Healthcare Copywriter Who Works on Diseases, Treatments, Health Issues and Marketing Challenges

Leon Altman In my 25+ years as a healthcare copywriter, I’ve worked on so many diseases, treatments  and healthcare issues – almost feels like I’ve gone to med school.

But all that research, testing, and analysis helps me write and create marketing and education campaigns that get excellent results.

If you’re looking for a highly experienced results-focused healthcare writer, take a look at my background.

I have helped increase sales for a wide variety of major healthcare clients and products, including Plavix, Enbrel, Eucerin, Avalide, Avapro, Ambien CR, Requip, Johnson&Johnson, Glaxco Smith Kline, Amgen, Wyeth, Pfizer, Novartis, Sanofi, United Health Plan, and Life Line Screening, among others.

My  clients have included pharmaceutical products, hospitals, clinics, doctors, group practices, medical devices, biotech, nutritional supplements, healthcare plans and wellness products and services.

My work encompasses  print ads, brochures, direct mail, websites, email, newsletters, landing pages, salespages, SEO, social media management, white papers, PR, articles, TV, and video. For samples and case studies, click samples.

In addition I’ve created and managed a number of health blogs (e.g. insomnia and diabetes) and written an ebook on cholesterol. Educating audiences about health and wellness is not only the work I do but also a personal passion.

And if your project requires a team, I can quickly round up a team of pros I’ve worked with for many years, including designers, art directors, researchers and coders.

For a free consultation about your upcoming projects call me at 888-650-9714. Or click  below and fill out the form.