SEO Copywriting Key To Huffington Post Success

One of the keys to the Huffington Post’s success and getting bought for $315 million is its adept use of SEO copywriting. Headlines and stories are written with one eye to the search engines. In some cases it has both eyes fixed on Google.

Here’s an example of its smart SEO copywriting, creating search engine bait to take advantage of big events.

“Huffington Post is a master of finding stories across the web, stripping them to their essence and placing well-created headlines on them that rise to the top of search engine results, guaranteeing a strong audience. For instance, on Sunday it posed an article that was pure search engine bait, “What Time Does the Super Bowl Start”? 
(Source: New York Times, 2/9/2011)

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Mobile marketing helping sports teams increase engagement with fans

Mobile marketing is proving to be a boon to sports teams. It enables teams to build  their fan base, increase fan engagement, and enhance sponsorships and promotions.

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Solving the content/compliance dilemma for financial pros

For more marketing that gets resultsfor financial services, go to

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Formula Google Uses Shows the Importance of a High Landing Page Quality Score

If you haven’t been improving the quality score of the landing pages in your Adwords campaigns, this should get you started on that immediately.

The price advertisers pay is determined by the formula P = (B2 X Q2)/Q1, with P = price paid by the advertiser, Q2 = Quality score of the next highest-placing ad, Q1 = Advertiser’s quality score, and B2 = the next-highest-placing ad’s bid.

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Want more profits? Go for an older audience

While 27 year old media planners and 32 year old brand managers continue to target young demographics (just as they have done for generations) – the real profits these days are in the older audience – the over 50 boomer crowd

As an SVP for research at Hallmark Cards said, the boomers offer advertisers “An audience that has assets, not allowances.”

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