Leon Altman's Hot CopyCompanies such as IBM, Citibank, theStreet.com, Johnson&Johnson, Ameriprise, and Pfizer  have used my Special Hot Copy Sauce to achieve superior results.

Here’s why you should, too . . . .

In today’s economy, mild or medium level direct response marketing just won’t cut it. It needs to be kicked up a couple of notches. That’s what happens when you add my special hot copy sauce. It’s a sauce that’s over 25 years in the making.

My name is Leon Altman and for over 2 decades, I’ve been delivering record-breaking direct response campaigns for my clients. And I can do it for you.

My campaigns include offline and online direct response, consumer and B2B, for a wide variety of industries. Here are just a few examples:

841% Improvement for IBM Direct Response Campaign

IBM Cover
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IBM called on me to write a multi-tiered direct response campaign for its medical office consulting division.

The goal of the campaign was to get medical office managers to take a technology survey which would then be followed by invitation to receive an analysis by IBM consultants.

The campaign’s response was so exceptional it was written up as a case study in direct response textbook. Here’s what an IBM executive said about the campaign I wrote:

“For the first phase…we saw an 841% improvement in response over previous programs. We received more qualified inquiries for this initial phase than we had projected for the entire pilot with an increase in leads of more than 442%.

– Curt Gillespie, IBM Business Unit Executive.
from the textbook Integrated Direct Marketing
NBF Business Books.

Taking it to the StreetTSC

….Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money on CNBC, called on me to write online sales letters, mini-sites, landing pages, ads, and opt-ins pages to boost sales for thestreet.com.

The campaigns increased new acquisitions as well as retention rates. Click > Cramer Sample to see more.


Welcome email sequence for freedom seekers

With the economy and the way we work in a state of flux, many people are seeking an alternative to the 9-5.

After seeing an ad on Facebook, they  signed up to receive a free report on freelancing – how to get started and how to grow your freelancing business. The email sequence I wrote was designed to get people to consume the report and then convince them to upgrade to buy a freelancing course for beginners. To see sequence, click email samples.


Emails to upgrade from free trial for video app

Getting people on a free trial for software or an app is a proven marketing tactic.

However, it’s wasted if you can’t get people to upgrade to a paid version. Here’s where a good email sequence can keep bringing convincing angles in each email to get people to upgrade. Check out how this sequence does that. Click upgrade sequence.


3 emails to get people to click to VSL

VSL Email
To see emails, click email angles

Testing 3 different angles:

  1. A pointing out a surprising obstacle to losing weight and how to overcome it
  2. Revealing a new solution/unique mechanism to losing weight
  3. Heavy emphasis on proof and credibility (Harvard and Cambridge U)



How a long form sales email beat the control

Oil CompanyEmails generally work by engaging readers and getting them to click – often to a sales page, or webinar application, or other content. But what if you skip the click and put the sales letter right in the email? If the story is compelling enough with the right message, you can get more sales. 

Well that’s what my financial client did with this sales email I wrote. It was used in a sponsored email sent by another financial service. Check it out (hover over the image and click the plus sign to enlarge). Click =>Control busting sales email.


Sales Copy for Coaches/Consultants/Course Creators/Experts

Sales Copy for CoachesCoaches creators and experts need to stand above a sea of competitors AND sell.
Through working with so many, I’ve been able to hone in on what makes their personal brand stand out, what is unique about their personal brand , as well as what is unique and about their offer. find the Big Idea, Unique Mechanism and USP to get extraordinary results for my clients

Click here to see them.



Shaking Up the Insurance Industry

Life settlement changes the game for life insurance. It’s a win-win for financial advisors and policy holders. The marketing pieces I wrote and supervised helped NAF Funding, a leading company on life settlements, get the word out to policy holders and financial advisors. They included direct mail, a training manual, a video for cable TV and the web, and a video segment for PBS.


Second chance at Haynesville $millions

HaynesvilleThe natural gas stike in Haynesville, LA created a slew of new millionaires. This sales letter described a new Haynesville opportunity thousands of miles away in one of the most unlikely places. The opportunity intrigued many readers and made this a huge success. Click here.



Cashing in on government auctions

With the federal government deep in debt and States in even worse shape- they’re all looking for ways to scrounge up some money to pay their bills. There’s a big move to auctioning off government properties. This sales letter talks about a company cashing in on this trend and how investors can profit. Click here.



Treasure Maps

Soon as oil prices spike investors chase oil companies. Some look for the big multinationals, others look for smaller explorers and drillers. But there’s one thing all of these companies need to have to have these days: High quality digital maps to tell them where to drill. This letter tells investors how to profit from a couple of in-demand map companies. Click here.




Declaring war on U.S. Exchanges

It’s a big statement. But that was pretty much the effect of the opening of the Pan Asian Metals Exchange on COMEX. This letter fanned the flames of an upcoming event related to the opening of the new exchange and told readers about a way to profit from it. Click here.



When the financial world you counted on turns upside down

Investment Twilight Zone
To see more, click Sample

Many people saved and planned according to a financial world they understood and counted on. well that world has flipped around. What do you do given this new world. How can you build an investment portfolio you can count on. This investment guru has proven strategy and track record. here is the sales letter I wrote for him and his service.







Smashing the control by 444%


…Growth Report, one of the fastest growing investment newsletter publishers, called on me to write an online sales letter to drive subscriptions.

My letter beat the control by 444%.

And the entire package , along with an interview of me, was featured in AWAI’s publication on top direct response copywriters:
Monthly Copywriting Genius.

Here’s what the Marketing Director said:

“Leon’s very first copywriting assignment with us beat our long-standing control piece by 444% right out the gate. His understanding of our target audience, insights on what makes great copy, and ability to turn around the project on-time have me coming back for more. Do yourself a favor, hire him today (unless of course, you’re one of my competitors).”

– Lee Campbell, Director of Products & Marketing
Business Financial Publishing
Growth Report, Rising Star Stocks, Top Stock Insights

Record Breaking Dental Campaign

The campaign I created for Johnson&Johnson Dental Floss broke previous records for sales of the product. The campaign was repurposed into posters, direct mail, etc., and ran for about 7 years, an extremely long time for a consumer healthcare product. This particular ad was the one that received the most attention. See ad.



Record Breaking Dental Campaign part II

While not quite as shocking as the false teeth image, this one commanded attention and made people realize what was going on in their gums. See ad.




Record Breaking Dental Campaign part III

You might call this one of the ultimate engagement devices. “Fail this test and you could lose your teeth.” This stark, simple warning sent sales through the roof. See ad.




Rheumatoid Arthritis – Direct mail IV

Irreversible joint damage can occur within 2 years of the onset of RA. And the fact that symptoms often aren’t obvious until it’s too late makes acting now all the more imperative. This warning underscores the importance of not delaying the use of a proven biologic medicine like Enbrel. See mailer.



Cardiac Event VSL

Prevention is always a tricky approach to pull off. how it happened and how to prevent it.

One of the ways to do that is to portray the consequences of a disease as vividly as possible. In this VSL I took real-life stories of heart attacks and started off with compelling scenario and then like a CSI show backtracked to show how it happened and how to prevent it.
To see the script, click=> Cardiac-VSL.


Turning case studies into memorable web stories

Shipwire.com is one of the hottest new Internet companies – offering web-based shippnig and storage solutions. But it needed its story told on the web in a more engaging, evocative way, so it could communicate its benefits with more impact. That’s when the company turned to me to write engaging case studies . . .


Calling All Real Estate Developers

Related Capital wanted to attract developers to its financing services. In this ad I wrote, a powerful image evokes the idea of building, getting in the trenches with you – and the copy points out Related’s hands-on experience and the range of services it offers. The ad ran in trade papers and Related was very happy with the leads it helped generate. Read Ad.



Weather Hedging for Business

My client was looking to promote his brokerage which focused on weather hedging – a critical factor in the energy and utility industries. I created an ad using an image highly unusual in the industry and a headline that played off the image. The copy I wrote then explained the company’s important “matchmaking” expertise in the weather hedging industry. With this ad, my client was able to attract three times the number of leads it had anticipated. Read Ad.



Breaking the speed record for marketing a new cable network

To see more, click Sample

When Speedvision was looking to break into cable network markets it called on me to get people to subscribe to its new channel focusing on 4 speed sports.

The unique package I wrote called, “The World is Made of Four Elements,” beat previous attempts and helped the channel get a foothold in very competitive markets.

“The package stood out, and beat our previous campaign by more than 8%. The response it brought enabled us to get the the kind of traction we needed in the crowded cable network space.
-T. Johnson, CEO Speedvision





“Bribing” prospects with free wine to successfully launch and build a new financial magazine

To see more, click Sample

While I have created many individual campaigns over the years that made money for my clients, I’ve also helped build entire businesses with ongoing direct mail.

One such example started with a successful test campaign for a new investment newsletter I wrote for Gordon Holmes, one of the founders of Research magazine, a top trade journal for stockbrokers.

The results were so good, Holmes brought up the idea of expanding the newsletter into a magazine. I wrote the copy for the successful launch of Buyside Magazine, a publication for institutional  nvestors. Since the magazine was located in California’s wine country, we used that as both a branding and promotional – including free bottle of “Buyside Wine” for select customers.

For the next 3 years direct mail was the only advertising we did. I wrote all the campaigns and helped build the magazine into a top trade magazine in the field. Holmes was then able to sell the magazine for millions, and start his own winery in Sonoma, Ca.  After that, I helped Gordon start a new empire online, launching StreetwiseReports.com

“I’ve worked with Leon Altman for many years. He helped me build my successful financial publications from the ground up. His marketing programs, sales letters and ideas were the foundation of their success. If you run a business and want it to really grow, he’s the person to go to.”

– Gordon Holmes,
Founder of StreetwiseReports.com, Buyside Magazine

Asset allocation workbook breaks direct response record for Citibank Investment Services

To see more, click Sample

When Lowe Direct got the assignment from Citibank’s Investment Services they looked for a freelance direct response writer who could not only pull off the project but also also talk the talk with financial executives.

They chose me to write the 16 page workbook on asset allocation and a direct mail campaign to drive prospects to the bank to fill out the workbook with a financial rep.

I wrote the workbook and the direct mail package in the friendly, story style of Money Magazine, and it was a big hit.

“The workbook and the direct mail campaign Leon wrote worked like gangbusters, and broke previous records for Citibank’s Investment Services Group.
– Peter Cornish, President, Lowe Direct



New hero in town defeats the control

New Hero in Town
To see more, click Sample

During the time I lived and worked in San Francisco, I did a lot of copywriting for clients in Silicon Valley. Among the clients were a number of technology publications.

For LAN Technology magazine I created a package appealing to the self-perception of LAN managers. It beat the control by over 5%. I should know. I had written the previous control.




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