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Here are just a few examples and case studies of my work, including web copy, SEO copy, direct mail, collateral, pay per click, video and TV :

Marketing for Jim Cramer and theStreet.com

I created many campaigns as chief creative marketing consultant for The Street.com, headed by Jim Cramer. (You may have seen Cramer's TV show Mad Money on CNBC).

Let me take you inside some of the successful campaigns I created.
Yes, let me see the case studies


Fastest Growing Financial Advisor Company

I was the financial copywriter for this lead generation campaign for Ameriprise, informing baby boomers about changes to the Pension Protection Act. The campaign included a self mailer and standard mailing selling the importance and urgency of ordering the free DVD. Take a look at the self-mailer. Also look at part of another campaign I created Ameriprise's

IRA Consolidation Program.


Shaking Up the Insurance Industry

Life settlement changes the game for life insurance. It’s a win-win for financial advisors and policy holders. The marketing pieces I wrote and supervised helped NAF Funding, a leading company on life settlements, get the word out to policy holders and financial advisors. They included direct mail, a training manual, a video for cable TV and the web, and a video segment for PBS

Also, a Google Adwords campaign I created for life settlements heled advisors break into this lucrative market.

haking Up the Insurance Industry

Beating the control by 444%

This is one of the sales letters I wrote for Growth Report, an investment publishing company. The strategy entailed using a bonus report on China stocks as the hook for a trial subscription of the investment newsletter. According to the Marketing Director my sales letter beat their long-standing control by 444%. Take a look - click investment sales letter


An Asset Allocation Workbook That Really Works

When Citibank decided to use an asset allocation workbookto attract prospects to their investment services and engage them in the investing process, they turned to me as the financial copywriter to write the workbook.

One of the key things I did was to create stories as examples of asset allocation choices; stories of people and families at different stages of life. It was an engaging way to illustrate what kind of asset allocation Citicorp might recommend to help them achieve their goals.

The Most Successful New Financial Product Launch

I was part of the team chosen to launch iShares by Barclays Global Investors. As one of the lead financial copywriters and strategists, I wrote many sections of the iShares website. The website had two main tracks: One to individuals, the other to financial intermediaries, such as stockbrokers and financial advisors.

The task was to clearly educate these audiences about a whole new investing tool. The other part of the task was to market the benefits of ishares. It turned out to be the most successful new investment product launch in the past 15 years. www.ishares.com


Articles for corporate finance leader

Wrote and edited a series of articles for Deloitte. The articles positioned Deloitte as a leader in corporate finance for mergers &acquisitions. Articles covered topics such as IPO readiness, transition to new accounting standards and foreign investments.
See IPO article, accounting standards article, and foreign investment article.


Articles for an Options Trading Education Company

This part of a group of articles we wrote for an Options Trading Education Company.

The task was to write simple, informative articles that gave a clear understanding of the topic to beginners and offer concrete examples. The articles succeeded. See:

What is a Put Call Option, Trading Options, and Call Options.

Capturing the Attention of Online Investors

Job #1 for online sales letters is coming up with an idea that immediately grabs the target audience you want and practically compels them to read. That's what made this email salesletter I wrote successful. It incorporated the idea and graphics of the old twilight zone TV show and used it as a hook to talk about the topsy turvey financial world baby boomers now face. Click Twilight Zone Letter Sample


Editor/writer for investment newsletter

As senior editor for Morgan's Investment Digest I guide the creation and development of mailed investment newsletters designed to interest investors in select stocks. This newsletter was for Multi-Corp International, an oil and gas exploration company.

Morgan Investment Digest
Leon Altman - Senior Editor

Here's a group of sales letters I wrote for investment newsletters. After clicking links to the letters, you will need to hover over each image and click on it to enlarge the letter so you can read it.

Second chance at Haynesville $millions

The natural gas stike in Haynesville, LA created a slew of new millionaires. This sales letter described a new Haynesville opportunity thousands of miles away in one of the most unlikely places. The opportunity intrigued many readers and made this a huge success. Click here


10x the announced dividend

As you can imagine finding about an unpublicized dividend 10x the announced excited a lot of readers about this sales letter. That's why so many signed up for the newsletter after reading this salesletter wanting to know more about this dividend stock. Click here

Oil Dividend

Cashing in on government auctions

With the federal govenment deep in debt and States in even worse shape- they're all looking for ways to scrounge up some money to pay their bills. There's a big move to auctioning off government properties. This sales letter talks about a company cashing in on this trend and how investors can profit. Click here


Treasure Maps

Soon as oil prices spike investors chase oil companies. Some look for the big multinationals, others look for smaller explorers and drillers. But there's one thing all of these companies need to have to have these days: High quality digital maps to tell them where to drill. This letter tells investors how to profit from a couple of in-demand map companies. Click here


Biotech cash cow

Biotech companies usually have to wait for some big development in clinical trials or some joint venture agreement before investors can profit. However in this case, one biotech has a business model that throws off a big dividend yield. This letter explains how. Click here

Cash Cow

Declaring war on U.S. Exchanges

It's a big statement. But that was pretty much the effect of the openinng of the Pan Asian Metals Exchange on COMEX. This letter fanned the flames of an upcoming event related to the opening of the new exchange and told readers about a way to profit from it. Click here

China War

Sales Letter Videos

Following is a sample of a successful long video sales letter. After that you'll see the video sales letter upsell for those who purchased the first product. I wrote, produced and developed strategy for both videos.

Upsell sales

Marketing High-Ticket Investment Services

I created this successful landing page for The Chartman knowing I had to offer strong reasons and support to convince potential customers to buy this expensive newsletter service. I also created provocative ads to drive traffic to this page. To see the landing page, click here (then click on bottom-right icon when it appears to enlarge)


Marketing for Hedge Fund Owner and Trading System Creator

Created marketing materials and web content as well as offered ongoing marketing advice for Dean Hoffman, CEO of Hoffman Asset Management, and creator of one of the top 10 futures trading systems of all time (according to Futures Magazine).

See press release for trading system.


Opt-in landing page for stock report

Created opt-in landing page for a stock investment report (which I also wrote and designed.) The hook I created here branded the product as "a PayPal for online gambling. It also established the positioning of the product, as only way to legally gamble online (without revealing the particular form of gambling (using curiosity as a key factor in stimulating response).
See landing page


Stock Research Report/Sales Page

The "Report" I wrote is the offer for the opt-in page I also created (see previous sample). I call it research report/sales page because it's sort of in between. The Report has the information and look of a research document, yet it also seamlessly incorporates an investor relations promotion.
See Report


Landing Page Creation and Testing

Wrote and supervised development of landing pages, banner ads and testing process for firm specializing in retirement products.

The system improved performance and efficiency of marketing. Some examples: landing page 1 tested against landing page 2; Landing page 3 tested against landing page 4. Flash ad1 vs Flash ad2


When Countrywide Was King

Before Countrywide Financial got caught up in the subprime mess, they were the most formidable marketer of home loans. They developed numerous products to address the needs of different home owners at different stages in life. I created a wide range of response driven vehicles to increase business for these niche products, including writing direct mail, email, and landing pages. Click Countrywide sample


Building a Gold Rush

I created and tested a number of pay-per-click campaigns for this successful online gold investing newsletter. The winning campaigns demolished previous click-through-rates, driving more traffic to the sign-up page. See The Gold Report.


Pay-Per-Click Success

Here, I created a highly effective pay-per-click campaign tied to a powerful landing page for a real estate ebook I wrote.

This campaign helped me sell over 1,000 ebooks (as well as create a targeted list) within a matter of weeks. To see one of the landing pages, click here.


Search Engine Optimization that Pays Big Dividends

For the website www.Smallcaprecap.com, I tweaked on-page SEO factors such as meta-tags and internal link structure, as well as off-page SEO factors, such as one-way back links.

The result was a number 1 ranking on msn and a top 10 rank in google for the highly desirable keyword phrase - "smallcap stocks."


Optimum Opt-Ins

Getting people to opt-in may be the most important step in creating customer relationships online. By creating a demand to read an article, I quadrupled the previous conversion rate, resulting in thousands of new opt-in leads for this investment newsletter. To see opt-in page, click here


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