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Companies such as IBM, Citibank,, Speedvision, Ameriprise, and Investorplace  have used my Special Hot Copy Sauce to achieve superior results.

Here's why you should, too . . . .

In today's economy, mild or medium level direct response marketing just won't cut it. It needs to be kicked up a couple of notches. That's what happens when you add my special hot copy sauce. It's a sauce that's over 25 years in the making.

My name is Leon Altman and for over 2 decades, I've been delivering record-breaking direct response campaigns for my clients. And I can do it for you.

My campaigns include offline and online direct response, consumer and B2B, for a wide variety of industries. Here are just a few examples:

Smashing the control by 444%

To see this letter, click Sample
.. Growth Report, one of the fastest growing investment newsletter publishers, called on me to write an online sales letter to drive subscriptions.

My letter beat the control by 444%.

And the entire package , along with an interview of me, was featured in AWAI's publication on top direct response copywriters:
Monthly Copywriting Genius.

Here's what the Marketing Director said:

"Leon's very first copywriting assignment with us beat our long-standing control piece by 444% right out the gate. His understanding of our target audience, insights on what makes great copy, and ability to turn around the project on-time have me coming back for more. Do yourself a favor, hire him today (unless of course, you're one of my competitors)."

    - Lee Campbell, Director of Products & Marketing
      Business Financial Publishing
     Growth Report, Rising Star Stocks, Top Stock Insights

841% Improvement for IBM Direct Response Campaign

To see more, click Sample

IBM called on me to write a multi-tiered direct response campaign for its medical office consulting division.

The goal of the campaign was to get medical office managers to take a technology survey which would then be followed by invitation to receive an analysis by IBM consultants.

The campaign's response was so exceptional it was written up as a case study in direct response textbook. Here's what an IBM executive said about the campaign I wrote:

"For the first phase…we saw an 841% improvement in response over previous programs. We received more qualified inquiries for this initial phase than we had projected for the entire pilot with an increase in leads of more than 442%.
                 -Curt Gillespie, IBM Business Unit Executive.
(from the textbook Integrated Direct Marketing
                                 NBF Business Books.

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My interview on AWAI's
Monthly Copywriting Genius
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Your Internet Marketing
Game Plan?

Taking it to the Street

  ....Jim Cramer, host of Mad Money on CNBC, called on me to write online sales letters, mini-sites, landing pages, ads, and opt-ins pages to boost sales for

The campaigns increased new acquisitions as well as retention rates. Click Cramer Case Study to see more
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Breaking the speed record for marketing
a new cable network

To see more, click Sample
When Speedvision was looking to break into cable network markets it called on me to get people to subscribe to its new channel focusing on 4 speed sports.

The unique package I wrote called, "The World is Made of Four Elements," beat previous attempts and helped the channel get a foothold in very competitive markets.


"The package stood out, and beat our previous campaign by more than 8%. The response it brought enabled us to get the the kind of traction we needed in the crowded cable network space.
       -T. Johnson, CEO Speedvision

Landing page test leads to doubling response

CustodyHQ was a startup in need of more clients. I created a video, a landing page, and a pay per click campaign to drive prospects to the page. There was a rush of new clients.

But then I suggested setting up a landing page test. So I created a new page- then set up google website optimizer to test the pages. The new landing page doubled the response rate.

See landing page

Here's what the CEO of Custody HQ has to say :
To hear audio version, click testimonial

"He (Leon) functions as my auxiliary extraordinarily talented copywriter...he has the ability to take an idea and turn it into something that compels individuals to take action."

     - Seth Strader, CEO,

"Bribing" prospects with free wine to successfully launch and build a new financial magazine

To see more, click Sample
While I have created many individual campaigns over the years that made money for my clients, I've also helped build entire businesses with ongoing direct mail.

One such example started with a successful test campaign for a new investment newsletter I wrote for Gordon Holmes, one of the founders of Research magazine, a top trade journal for stockbrokers.

The results were so good, Holmes
brought up the idea of expanding the
newsletter into a magazine. I wrote the copy for the successful launch of Buyside Magazine, a publication for institutional investors. Since the magazine was located in California's wine country, we used that as both a branding and promotional - including free bottle of "Buyside Wine" for select customers.

For the next 3 years direct mail was the only advertising we did. I wrote all the campaigns and helped build the magazine into a top trade magazine in the field. Holmes was then able to sell the magazine for millions, and start his own winery in Sonoma, Ca.

"I've worked with Leon Altman for many years. He helped me build my successful financial magazines from the ground up. His marketing programs, sales letters and ideas were the foundation of their success. If you run a business and want it to really grow, he's the person to go to."

      - Gordon Holmes,
        Founder of The Gold Report, Buyside Magazine

Asset allocation workbook breaks direct response record for Citibank Investment Services

To see more, click Sample
When Lowe Direct got the assignment from Citibank's Investment Services they looked for a freelance direct response writer who could not only pull off the project but also also talk the talk with financial executives.

They chose me to write the 16 page workbook on asset allocation and a direct mail campaign to drive prospects to the bank to fill out the workbook with a financial rep.

I wrote the workbook and the direct mail package in the friendly, story style of Money Magazine, and it was a big hit.

" The workbook and the direct mail campaign Leon wrote worked like gangbusters, and broke previous records for Citibank's Investment Services Group.
                         - Peter Cornish, President, Lowe Direct

Looking for hot direct response copy that gets results? Use the Proven Copy Pro. Give me a call at 888-650-9714

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New hero in town defeats the control

To see more, click Sample
During the time I lived and worked in San Francisco, I did a lot of copywriting for clients in Silicon Valley. Among the clients were a number of technology publications.

For LAN Technology magazine I created a package appealing to the self-perception of LAN managers. It beat the control by over 5%. I should know. I had written the previous control.

Here's a group of sales letters I wrote for investment newsletters. After clicking links to the letters, you will need to hover over each image and click on it to enlarge the letter so you can read it.


Second chance at Haynesville $millions

The natural gas stike in Haynesville, LA created a slew of new millionaires. This sales letter described a new Haynesville opportunity thousands of miles away in one of the most unlikely places. The opportunity intrigued many readers and made this a huge success. Click here

Oil Dividend

10x the announced dividend

As you can imagine finding about an unpublicized dividend 10x the announced excited a lot of readers about this sales letter. That's why so many signed up for the newsletter after reading this salesletter wanting to know more about this dividend stock. Click here

Upsell sales

"Signups increased virtually 100% overnight"
Like many other health professionals, Simone Mitjans turned to the web to market her services. By changing the online marketing path and rewriting some key web pages, I was able to transform the effectiveness of her website.

"Leon showed me what was missing in my business in order to attract clients, and the right way to market. He identified a great opportunity to market my company and my services. Then he rewrote some key pages and my website visitors and signups increased virtually 100% overnight. I am very impressed with his knowledge, commitment and dedication to helping my company succeed."

      -Simone Mitjans

Experience counts…
It all started when I worked as a copywriter and copy executive at some of the top ad agencies in the world:Wunderman, Young&Rubicam, and BBDO, and continued when I established by freelance business about 14 years ago. Companies and agencies I've worked with include Ameriprise, Countrywide Financial, Kern Direct, FCB Direct, Saatchi, PC World, Met Life, Apple Computer, Novartis, and Sanofi-Aventis, among others.

Having written copy for so many successful direct response projects for a wide variety of clients, I am better equipped to address the marketing issues and challenges of your project.
In short, I know how to make your products and services sell.

You also get marketing savvy
My copywriting services are interwined with my marketing experience - so you get the benefit of my strategic thinking in addition to my copy.

And if you want more focused strategic and planning services, I also offer standalone marketing consulting for Internet marketing and direct response programs. See my Internet Marketing Game Plan for more.

What I work on and how I can help you
I divide my work into 4 areas:

Direct Mail Copy
- sales letters
- direct mail packages, magalogs

Internet Marketing Copy
- sales pages
- opt-in pages
- key landing pages
- emails campaigns
- web audio and video scripts

Video and Broadcast Copy
scripts for DVDs, radio and TV

- Direct mail planning and strategy
- Pay per click campaigns
- Online campaign strategy and execution

Today, Mild or Medium Just Doesn't Cut It

If you're looking for powerhouse direct response copy and marketing that can build your business, trust someone who has delivered truckloads of leads and broken response records for top marketers for over two decades. Let's talk about your next project. Give me a call or write me at: 888-650-9714

Looking for hot direct response copy that gets results? Use the Proven Copy Pro. Give me a call at 888-650-9714

Or send an email to:

To Spicy Marketing,

Leon Altman

The Proven Proh

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